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Retro Acid - Sat 13-02-16, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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Even after being around for more than 18 years, Retro Acid still stays true to the real acid sounds of the past and present. Retro Acid will once again fully celebrate the underground sounds of the famous Roland 303. The acidic ingredients of this night are – in good tradition - a lot of live-action and leading dj’s in the genre. All of whom have an extensive knowledge of all things acid and all of whom know how to relay this expertise to the dance-floor perfectly.

Tune in to full blown acid modus and get ready to rave the night away with this freaking and bleeping line-up.

Last year Luke Vibert returned on Planet Mu with a new album called ‘Bizarster'. It's his seventh full-length under his own name with others having been released on Mo Wax, Warp and most recently Hypercolour. Luke first came to prominence in 1994 with his debut Wagon Christ album 'Phat Lab Nightmare' on Rising High Records which was quickly followed by the evergreen classic 'Throbbing Pouch' with which he cemented both his sound and reputation. He also released on Rephlex and Ninja Tune as well as Virgin. He also did a series of live collaborations with Aphex Twin. Although Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert never released an album together, Aphex Twin used the song name ‘Analord’, from Vibert's album Lover's Acid, for a series of EPs. Vibert's later releases varied in style as he released albums under various names, including Plug, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District and Spac Hand Luke. What makes Luke's music so essential is his rare ability to blur the boundaries between genres by combining his irresistibly wonky dayglo funk with a British sensibility. Put another way, Luke's music is informed by UK dance's history. Next to that, Luke can do his superb manipulation of machinage while rolling "one" too.

By their own words, Minimum Syndicat was born to help bringing back the fierce euphoria/weird energy of no nonsense rave music. It began with underground parties at sweaty places, then grew up into a now well known and respected label and live act. They played their special brand of acidic techno music everywhere across Europe, from historical clubs to big festivals (like Astropolis last summer), always staying true to the original 303 ethos: hypnotic party music with a dark edge to dissolve your mind into fog and strobes. 

Dutch underground acid/house/techno outfit Random XS released its first 12” vinyl in 1992 on the famous Djax-Up-Beats label. It kick-started an international career, lasting for almost 25 years now. Unlike many so-called ‘live’ dance acts (who use more or less pre-recorded elements), Random XS always performs 100% live. Rhythms are programmed on the fly, ingredients are replaced all the time. So, no two gigs are alike. In 2015 the first new Random XS 12” since 1997(!) was released on the Dutch Shipwrec Records. Appropriately called ‘The Return’, it marks the comeback of the Random XS project. The new sound is more mature and deeper than ever. More releases will follow in 2016, both on Shipwrec and on other labels. Their live atmosphere adds a new and unpredictable dimension to the music: a random excess!

Sevenum Six started doing electronic music at the age of 17 in 2008. He was very quickly addicted to combining analogue with digital sounds in the studio. Throughout the years the free party scene and acid music made him what he is today. He released on labels such as Obs.cur, Narcosis, Mackitek, Acid night, Tekno sucks... with over 20 vinyls to date and he is one of the most well known acidtekno artists in Belgium nowadays. His full acid live-set will definitely blow your mind!

DJ Ignite is only the second woman (after Miss Djax) that was ever featured on a Retro Acid line-up. Coming from the acid and break core scenes, she developed her own typical acid style. This resident of Acid Arena and Narcosis will make the dance-floor explode with a bang. We know this for sure, as this will be her second performance on our acid floor.

Our resident Spacid is one of the earliest acid pioneers in Belgium. His first steps playing in front of a public date back to 1990. Four years later he founded Funky Green Aliens, a party organization and booking agency concentrating on promoting groundbreaking music & arts. The parties, mostly illegal, were very successful and still to this day represent the true roots of Spacid's dj career. At Retro Acid he always goes back to this base which finds its roots in the 303!  


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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