Concept | Retro Acid



Kozzmozz’s second oldest party concept Retro Acid is, as the name clearly suggests, all about the acid. The Retro Acid parties take you on a journey through acid’s many evolutions and revolutions since back in the mid 80’s a few kids from Chicago started messing around with the famous TB-303 bass machine and became the acid house pioneers as we know them today.

Retro Acid has always covered the entire sonic spectrum of acid, from the early acid house days, to the harder 90’s acid and anything in between. We make it our business to deliver you the finest acid by the biggest and most influential artists, people like Dj Pierre, Acid Junkies, Phuture, Mike Dredd, Woody McBride, Random XS, Miss Djax, Beverly Hills 808303, CJ Bolland, Hardfloor, etc. They make us relive the memories and rediscover the classics from back in the day.

Retro Acid’s first edition already dates back to October 1997 and since then it has grown to be one of the biggest and longest running acid party concepts in Belgium. Our reputation is even spreading abroad and attracting a growing number of visitors from all over Europe. So if you’re looking for that authentic acid rush, then look no further. Retro Acid is where you want to be.

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