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Random XS

References: Shipwrec, Djax-Up-Beats. NL

Random XS

Dutch underground acid/house/techno outfit Random XS released its first 12” vinyl in 1992 on the famous Djax-Up-Beats label. It kick-started an international career, lasting for almost 25 years now. Unlike many so-called ‘live’ dance acts (who use more or less pre-recorded elements), Random XS always performs 100% live. Rhythms are programmed on the fly, ingredients are replaced all the time. So, no two gigs are alike. In 2015 the first new Random XS 12” since 1997(!) was released on the Dutch Shipwrec Records. Appropriately called ‘The Return’, it marks the comeback of the Random XS project. The new sound is more mature and deeper than ever. More releases will follow in 2016, both on Shipwrec and on other labels. Their live atmosphere adds a new and unpredictable dimension to the music: a random excess!