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Retro Acid

Retro Acid - Sat 20-09-14, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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Retro-Acid celebrates the infamous Roland TB-303 bass machine. It is thé party for the fans of the 303 and its unmistakable Acid sound, the machine that formed and shaped electronic music and keeps influencing it today. After more than 15 years of organizing Retro Acid, the concept is more alive than ever and it attracts visitors from all over Europe.  

In 1987 Acid House was born in Chicago when famous house-producers started using the legendary Roland TB-303 bass machine. From that moment Acid has always been present in electronic music. It first conquered the UK and then the rest of Europe and the world with numerous productions and labels, also in the techno communities. We will showcase the whole history starting with the earlier acid house sounds and continuing with the harder and newer adepts as the night progresses.

Resident Spacid will be tuning into the crowd with true acid house gems to get the right frequencies going.

Our headliner couldn't be with us a few editions ago because of security issues on his transatlantic flight due to which the plane was forced to fly back, so we owed it to you to make up for that. Mike Dearborn hails from the birthplace of Acid where he grew up with Chicago’s early house radio-stations. He has been producing since the early Trax label days. He soon found a home with Miss Djax’ Djax-Up-Beats label resulting in a heavy dj-schedule. Mike has remixed artists such as The Advent, Felix the Housecat, Gary Numann, Hardfloor, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani and Steve Stoll. He also runs his own labels Majesty Recordings and Majik Gruuv Records. And with his newest productions he’s completely back. He will move up the tempo putting the accents on true acid techno sounds. Chicago Acid represent!  

Our next guest, MPIA3 is also known for his techno alias Truss but he resonates very well with Acid under this moniker. He’s a London based producer who creates stripped down, (new) old school Acid Techno. The project is a raw industrial take on a retro rave sound and an experiment in distortion. He's the reason why R&S released acid again in 2012 and he will treat us to an exclusive 303 acid set in that typical acid sound that only he can bring.

And obviously, also many Belgians know how to turn on a perfect bass line mode. We are happy to welcome the return of Outlander, one of the icons of the golden R&S days. He will be adjusting his frequencies to the ones of Analog Devices with whom he spends a lot of time in the studio. They performed together once on one of the many celebrated parties of Analog Devices in Brussels and will now do it again on Retro Acid. We’re sure this will be a special treat for any Acid fan.

The final Belgian live-act is from Hasselt and is specialized in the harder acid sounds. Epidemie’s music is as infectious as his name. He already released on labels as Subcom, Obs.cur and Ketoksid. At this Retro Acid he will deliver a solid and impeccable live set, just like we're used to hearing from him.

From Acid House over Acid Techno to Hardcore Acid, Retro Acid will bring it all to you in one night to keep you dancing all night long with a smile from start to finish!


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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