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Retro Acid

Retro Acid - Sat 07-09-13, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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Retro-Acid is Kozzmozz' second oldest concept and celebrates the infamous Roland TB-303 bass machine. It is thé party for the fans of the 303 and its unmistakable Acid sound, the machine that formed and shaped electronic music and keeps influencing it today. Acid, as techno, is back full power on the dance floor and also the last edition of Retro Acid was completely sold out. After 15 years of organizing Retro Acid the concept is more alive than ever.

In 1987 Chicago lived its second explosion of creativity with the birth of the Acid House scene when famous house-producers start using the legendary Roland TB-303 bass machine. Acid House is characterized by the TB-303's acid bass sequences, and a 4/4 beat, creating a psychedelic effect by connoisseurs compared with the effects of LSD, also known as acid. And that’s how the genre got its name. From that moment Acid has always been present in electronic music. It conquered first the UK and then the rest of Europe and the world with numerous productions and labels, also in the techno communities. We will showcase the whole history starting with the earlier acid house sounds and continuing with the harder and newer adepts as the night progresses.

Resident Spacid will start the night with true acid house classics and some lesser known new beat gems.

He will set the mood for our first guests namely Graham Massey and A Guy Called Gerald of 808 State aka Rebuild. They have reunited to perform all-analogue live acid jams with a distinctly retro approach. When the men responsible for seminal tracks as ‘Pacific State’ and ‘Voodoo Ray’ get back together, we got excited. They will be using all the old Roland gear as the 101, 303, 808 and 909. Graham: “To some extent it’s slightly nostalgic but it’s not really about tunes we’ve written before. About 70% of it is pure improvisation. It’s all about setting the system up using drum machines and monosynths with little sequencers in them, then jumping off the cliff holding hands.” This will, without a doubt, be a remarkable performance!

Mike Dearborn grew up with Chicago’s early house radio-stations and has been producing since the early Trax label days. He soon found a home with Miss Djax’ Djax-Up-Beats label resulting in a heavy dj-schedule. Mike has remixed artists such as The Advent, Felix the Housecat, Gary Numann, Hardfloor, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani and Steve Stoll. He also runs his own labels Majesty Recordings and Majik Gruuv Records. He will take over from the UK heroes and step up the pace, playing for us the true acid techno sounds. Chicago acid represent!

He will be preparing the floor for the hard core acid of Rotterdam’s Sensory Overload, again a Live Act, this time with his own designed and built sequencer. Next to his own label, Sensory Overload, he can also be found on labels as Team Wasted, ZMK, Neurotrope, Narcosis and Eat Concrete.   

DJ Ignite will close the night and as such she will be only the second woman ( after Miss Djax ) who will be featured on a Retro Acid line-up. Coming from the acid and break core scenes, she developed her own typical acid style and she will make sure go out with a bang!

From Acid House over Acid Techno to Hardcore Acid, Retro Acid will bring it all to you, with a smile!


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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