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Mo & Benoelie

References: First Retro Acid residents, Ghent

Mo & Benoelie

Mo & Benoelie have been DJ’ing for about 20-years now. Early November 1987 was their professional nightlife debut. They started playing in a club for 300-people, called Fifty Five: a small, dark, medieval basement with a HUGE sound-system. They played there every Saturday from 10pm till 8/9am. Throughout the night they had to play really different sorts of music It was an extremely good learning school and the foundation of how they play now and how Ghent got its sound.

After several Free the Funk compilations for R&S in the ‘90’s, Eskimo started out organizing parties in the old underwear factory. The parties were very successful, attracting more than 7000 people in five different rooms. It was very diverse and you had a lot of different styles of people coming in. NEWS approached them to make a compilation, an Eskimo compilation and in 2000 they did the first. It was quite successful, even getting great reviews in UK magazines. Then they did the second one, third one, fourth one … and eventually 8 Eskimo compilations in total. They then started inviting different artists to do compilations and soon afterwards singles started to be released as well and by then Eskimo had become a label, releasing artist singles and albums.

They started remixing some years ago, something that has built up very nicely over the years. Some include Freddy Mercury, Roxy Music, and Snow Patrol. Their last compilations include DJ Kicks as well as a Fabric Live Mix.

They also started to produce their own music: working and jamming with different musicians, different producers and released all those jams on their label called Diskimo. Now worldwide known as The Glimmers, they like to play on something very underground for 150-people on a Friday as well as playing for a crowd of 10,000 on a Saturday. They will play totally different sets. The set for 150 people will be much more intimate whereas the other one will be much more energetic: “Playing at all these different kinds of gigs and different audiences keeps us alert musically and it keeps us sounding fresh. If we always had to play the same kind of music, the same kind of sound, we would be bored.”