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Mike Dred

References: Kosmik Kommando, Machine Codes, Rephlex Rec, UK

Mike Dred

Mike Dred is the general pseudonym of experimental techno DJ, producer, and sound engineer Michael C. Cullen of Lowestoft, UK. He has been a leading DJ since 1983, a producer since 1988, a sound designer since 1992, and is considered an important figure in the development of acid techno and innovative usage of the Roland TB-303, associating him with fellow artists Tom Middleton, Aphex Twin, and Matthew Herbert. He is also known as The Kosmik Kommando, Universal Indicator, Chimera, Machine Codes, Space Avenger, and DJ Judge Dred.

He was the first artist other than Richard D. James to release a project on Rephlex. His clear vinyl "Kosmik Kommando EP" was the 3rd release and was given a catalogue number CAT007 on account of his interest in James Bond. In addition, the Universal Indicator records released on Rephlex are amongst the most collectible recordings in the history of techno music. Mike Dred established the Machine Codes record label in 1993 and also recorded for R&S Records and R&S Records offshoot Diatomyc. He has also collaborated extensively with the electro-acoustic artist Peter Green and has produced a collaboration with techno producer Dr. Fernando.