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Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker from Germany form this Dusseldorf-based acid house revivalist outfit. Typically, Bondzio's life was changed by 1988's flourishing acid scene. Unlike many, however, he was determined to recreate the excitement of those heady days, and spent no less than three years attempting to track down his own Roland 303, responsible for much of the sound of that period. After having finally traced one he made the acquaintance of studio wizard Zenkler, and together they debuted with "Hardtrance Acperience", on Sven Vath's Harthouse Records label late in 1992. Some critics questioned whether the track contained the longest snare roll ever committed to vinyl, while its stylings were inextricably those of the summer of 1988 (it became arguably the most important post-acid house acid house record ever).

The follow-up 12-inch sampled hunting horns, hence its name "Into The Nature", on which production was orchestrated by 303 guru Richie Hawtin. Following the genre-splicing success of "Hardtrance Acperience", Hardfloor were the toast of the mid-90s when many major artists looked to them to inject their Acperience remix magic, and bring their releases up to date with post Acperience acid/techno music.

Their remix work has included Sourmash's "Pilgrimage To Paradise", More Kant‚'s "Yeke Yeke", New Order's "Blue Monday", Human League's "Filling Up With Heaven", Depeche Mode's "It’s No Good", and Robert Armani's "Circus Bells".

Hardfloor sustained criticism for becoming formulaic and selling out, though their albums never reflected this. They collaborated with 303 techno originators Phuture 303 on the "Hardfloor Will Survive" track, both to reclaim underground credibility as to explore authentic old-school acid sounds.

After 12 years of successful partnership with Harthouse, Hardfloor started to release on their own independent label, Hardfloor Records in 2003 with 15 releases up-to-date.

Last year they released a three double compilation called “Two Decades of Hardfloor” with their most famous tracks of the nineties and the new millennium. They are still asked all over the world and part of Sven’s Cocoon brand, they remain Hardfloor!