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References: Binary Bassline, Zodiak Commune, Communiqué Music. BE


At the end of the nineties Arkanoid gets picked up by the acid virus and over 20 years later he is still infected. He played his live 303 live set in countries as Belgium, The Netherlands, Uk, Scotland, Finland, France, Germany,…

Binary Bassline Records was the fruit of shacking together with Mr. Gasmask. 7 releases of 303-based output, but never compromising on quality. The next record on the label – binbas008 – is to be expected for 2018.
Other Arkanoid vinyl releases include labels such as Zodiak Commune, Acid Jack Records, Delta Kwadrant… and include solo-work – appearences on Woody McBride Communiqué Music (Aciiieeed! No.2) - as well as cooperations with G-Force, Mr.Gasmask and Eliminator.

2018 will promise new Arkanoid tracks as well as teaming up on productions with the only true acid originator: Dr. Fernando.
The man is no stranger to us, on march 3 he rejoices us with his 5th appearances at our event! We’re looking forward to his live performance.