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References: 00121 Rec, Amsterdam


The Acidolido duo became techno addicted in 2002 by listening to old radio recordings from "The Sound of Rome" and old-school releases from artists like Lory D, Leo Anibaldi, Mike Dred, The Mover...  Their first experiences in producing techno included the precious help of Degrader. They bought their first drum machine in 2004, a Roland TR-909 with a faulty crash which is still not working today while organizing many squat parties in Rome dropping violent techno and acid tunes.

Two TB-303’s joined the club, a TR-606 and TR-808 arrived shortly after to complete the family and they all moved to Amsterdam in 2008. Their first live act in Belgium was the fifth edition of X-Live, where they were invited by the Narcosis crew. They started feeding Mr. Gasmask Italian food in exchange for tips and tricks about 303’s and recording and released their first track on vinyl on Narcosis Records.

Their own label 00121 Records was born in 2010 and immediately resulted in an overload of live-shows in the Netherlands and Belgium. Abuse of food, coffee and analogue machines during acid meetings with Mr. Gasmask gave birth to two collaborations present in Gasmask’s first Protocol release.